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Recently unemployed journalist Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen) gets a big break when he reunites with his first crush, and former babysitter, Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron) - the U.S. Secretary of State who's about to make a run for the presidency. She hires Fred as her speechwriter. Not exactly a snappy dresser, he  doesn't fit in with Charlotte's staff or her upscale lifestyle. But this mismatched pair somehow connect during a global trip to advance the rising politician's agenda. Romance blossoms and problems arise.

Chemistry between the stars and a humorous script make
this predictable romantic comedy a lightweight pleasure. The screenplay by Dan Sterling (who also wrote the story) and Liz Hannah is the perfect vehicle for the inspired teaming of Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron. The new comedic duo manages to make the unbelievable believable. This is absolutely a male fantasy film, so it's not for everyone. Crass sex and drug gags interrupt the good clean fun. A raunchy Rogen? Go figure. Admittedly, some of these jokes are funny - including a high Charlotte trying to diplomatically negotiate a hostage release after partying too hard. Director Jonathan Levine ("The Night Before") keeps things breezy and fast-paced while briefly touching on today's issues. A good supporting cast backs up the stars. Alexander SkarsgÄrd plays the handsome Canadian Prime Minister who sets his sights on Charlotte and O'Shea Jackson Jr. is Fred's best friend Lance. June Diane Raphael and Ravi Patel play Field's key staffers who reluctantly must work with Flarsky. In another nearly unrecognizable role, Andy Serkis portrays ruthless media mogul Parker Wembley - the cause of Fred's unemployment. The prize for scene-stealer goes to Bob Odenkirk as President Chambers. A former television actor, he wants to leave office for a shot at becoming a movie star. Boyz II Men makes a singing appearance and Lisa Kudrow is seen briefly. The enjoyable odd-coupled "Long Shot" has a slight chance of succeeding. (3/5 CAMS)

Rated R (for strong sexual content, language throughout and some drug use)
Running Time: 125 minutes

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