ROG'S VIEWPOINT - In the days following the assassination of her husband, Jackie Kennedy (Natalie Portman) reflects on her recent White House years with Life Magazine reporter Theodore H. White (Billy Crudup). Natalie Portman delivers
a mesmerizing performance that brings the First Lady to life in this emotionally-draining account of those tragic days. Included in flashbacks during the interview are memories of her famous televised tour of the White House and the pressure put on her surrounding John F. Kennedy's death and funeral. Peter Sarsgaard as Bobby Kennedy, Greta Gerwig as Jackie's friend and Social Secretary Nancy Tuckerman and John Carroll Lynch as Lyndon B. Johnson lead the supporting cast, but this film belongs to its star. At only 99 minutes, director Pablo Larraín, writer Noah Oppenheim and Natalie leave you wanting more. Revealing her strength during the end of the presidential Camelot, "Jackie" is a royal depiction. ****

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