ROG'S VIEWPOINT - 19-year-old Billy Lynn (Joe Alwyn), a war hero home on a victory tour with his squad, must come to grips with loss and the aftermath of battle while waiting to participate in the halftime show of a Thanksgiving Dallas football game. Director Ang Lee's latest film is a gripping depiction of the
lingering affects of war. Making his acting debut, Joe Alwyn is magnificent as the grief-stricken, pressured Billy. Kristen Stewart gives a strong performance as his sister, who desperately tries to stop him from returning to Iraq. Garrett Hedlund and Vin Diesel as Bravo Squad leaders, Chris Tucker as a Hollywood producer trying to secure a film deal for the squad and Steve Martin as the football team owner round out the stellar cast. This movie is groundbreaking in that Mr. Lee is the first to film in 4K 3D at 120 frames per second (24fps is standard). Very few theaters are equipped for this and most of the press, including myself, viewed it in standard 2D. Leisurely-paced with very little action, it sometimes takes effort to follow the characters through to the predictable ending. "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk" scores a touchdown, but not the extra point. ****

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